What’s up Nokers?

Who Is Roanoke – by  M. Jason Turner

Roanoke is the kid everyone underestimates – the one who secretly plays guitar in his room, and has a hidden Trapper Keeper filled with secret artwork and short stories he’s been working on for years.

Roanoke is that nerdy girl who reads comic books AND Shakespeare while drinking cup after cup of coffee from her favorite shop.

Roanoke enjoys being close to his favorite band at a small club a10366141_805002342844498_1118733428226339806_nnd has no problem at all helping them load their speakers into their trailer after the show.

Roanoke loves “Nom-ing” on cheeseburgers, Shawarma and huge cupcakes then biking or walking the greasy guilt off on the Greenway.

Roanoke has the courage to stand up in front of strangers and read her poetry in public for the very first time.

Roanoke digs hanging out with friends at local events, or relaxing at the library and reading a graphic novel. Roanoke goes to museums and art galleries, but not nearly as often as he should.

Roanoke doesn’t care if anyone thinks he’s cool. And that’s what makes him cool.

So WHO is Roanoke really?

YOU are! Roanoke is filled with amazing people just like you, and it’s you who make Roanoke special. A city is just a place with roads and buildings; Nokers make it a home. You make it OUR home.

Roanoke isn’t just another city filled with businesses, it’s filled with dreams. The business owners are the dreamers.

Colleges and sports put Roanoke on the map, but the underground and geek culture sustain it. So are those willing to risk everything to start a business selling consignments, coffee, art, music, baked goods and more. There are musicians who believe so strongly in the art of sound that they invest their hearts and souls to the city’s rhythms and rhymes.

People (“Nokers”) who ignore their own needs and give blood, sweat and tears to charities, food banks and benefit events with little care to get anything in return. These are the people that make Roanoke what it is; these are the things we support.

Because of you, we started the “Things In Roanoke That Don’t Suck” Facebook page (now “Roanoke Doesn’t Suck, LLC) and soon after that www.roanokedoesntsuck.com. Then came “Geek Mob Roanoke,” which is about to celebrate its fifth year! Now we have the “Virginia Doesn’t Suck” Facebook page, videos we make with “Schnozzle D. Monster” and the online magazine “Star City Spectrum.”

We don’t want to just talk about WHAT Roanoke is, but WHO Roanoke is.

Roanoke has a personality, a sense of humor, wonder, imagination and a big heart. We want to introduce Roanoke to Nokers and strangers alike.

With your help, maybe we can get Roanoke to pull out that Trapper Keeper he’s been hiding and show you some of his secrets!