About Us

M. Jason Turner is a native Virginian. He was born and raised out in Franklin County, but he’s lived in New York for a bit. He’s the wacky and creative side of Roanoke Doesn’t Suck, LLC (the host for the Geek Mob Event). He’s a certified nerd and harbors lots of useless trivia up in his noggin. He is also a wiz at the Social Media side of Roanoke Doesn’t Suck and Geek Mob (as well as his other side projects – his puppet Schnozzle and a more global project – Virginia Doesn’t Suck). Jason and Brenda are married, they have four children and one grandchild.




Brenda McGuire is originally from Sacramento, CA, but has lived in Roanoke since 2006. She and Jason were married just before the first Geek Mob in 2011. She’s the planner & organizer for all the Roanoke Doesn’t Suck, LLC events (including heading up the Geek Mob Committee). She has a Communications Design degree from Virginia Western and does much of the graphic design and website work that is required for all of our activities. Brenda is also the owner and designer at PushButton Design. She enjoys doing things out in the community, going to New York to visit the kids and being a Mimi to her grandson Chance.